The Gauja AB Showroom collection is created using fur of the highest quality. In expert hands of Riga craftsmen and women, the fur is transformed into elegant and warm coats, comfortable capes, beautiful hats and gloves, lovely toys and fine gifts. Each item is a unique, finely crafted handiwork — a combination of functionality, fashion and quality made available at the appealing manufacturer’s prices.
Fur, that for thousands of years guarded its wearers from cold, has come to symbolise the most exquisite comfort in clothing and accessories. Maintaining traditional values while keeping up with the spirit of the time, Gauja AB designers aim to create garments that are elegant and irresistible. Gauja AB collaborates with well-known designers on developing their lines, its fur coats appear in fashion shows and regularly feature on style pages of fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Our salon has a huge range of assortment – more than 200 models. Online products are for informational purposes only.

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