Fur Restoration and Storage

The warehouse of the showroom is designed to create the best conditions for fur storage and during summer the showroom offers its clients to us it for storing their fur garments.
The showroom also offers repair and restoration services.

Wear and Storage Advice

Fur coats are a long-term investment and can serve for a lifetime. To ensure that fur does not lose its lustre, please take notice of the following advice.

Before hanging your fur coat in a wardrobe, shake it, and then place it on a coat hanger so that there is plenty of room around it for air to circulate freely and for fur not get flattened.

If the coat gets drenched, it should be dried at room temperature, away from any sources of heat. After drying, the coat should be combed with a metal comb so it regains its lustre.

Before putting the coat in storage, it should be aired, shaken, cleaned from dust, combed with a metal comb and brushed with a dry natural bristle brush.

In summer, the coat should be stored in a dark wardrobe in fabric or paper clothes covers. Dried orange peels, tobacco or geranium leaves should be used as a moth repellent.

It is advisable to air the coat and replace the moth repellent every four months.

Fur coats should be worn, they need fresh air and moisture to maintain their lustre.


Do not dry fur near heating devices and do not keep it in direct sunlight.

Do not brush wet fur.

Do not place fur in suitcases or drawers.

Do not store dyed and undyed fur next to each other.

When wearing jewellery, ensure fur and its lining do not get damaged.

Avoid carrying a shoulder bag when wearing a fur coat as it can cause wear and breakage of fur.

Do not attempt to remove coloured stains from fur yourself, consult with specialists and bring it to dry cleaners.